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At ScienceViz Studio, We take your scientific discoveries and developments, and translate them into a beautiful animation, an impressive scientific illustration, a stunning mechanism of action movie or an interactive immersive application. With our help, you’ll easily be able to get concepts across to a wider audience in a clear and concise way.
We are scientists with a passion for visualization and communication. ScienceViz Studio was founded by researchers for researchers with an ideal : Visualizing science in innovative ways !!.
Our work, based on the combination of state-of-the-art design and scientific precision, provides researcher community with the opportunity to enjoy powerful communication tools. With our background in "Science" and "New technologies" we combine visually compelling graphic editing and/or programming with the absolute accuracy required for scientific data representation.
This dual skill is fundamental to our approach. As scientists we believe that the key to a successful collaborative project relies on our ability to speak the same language and to respect deadlines. 


3D illustration

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3D Animation

3D Scientific Animation

Virtual / Augmented Reality

Virtual or Augmented reality applications and illustration

Interactive applications

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In Part One of Stepping into the New Frontier of Learning — our series on immersive technologies — we’ll examine the recent developments in VR and AR. From the work of innovators in the 1960s to early installations in university labs, the technology has a long history. And it’s one that’s been often held back by repeating cycles of promises and disappointment.

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Immersive technologies will revolutionize learning through experiential simulations, modelling and spatial representation of data, and a sense of presence in contextual gamification.

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Abdallah Khatib


Founder and President of ScienceViz Studio, Phd in biochemistry, a 3D professional certified from Autodesk and an Unreal Engine 4 Programmer.

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