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what is Med-AR

what is Med-AR
The huge technological revolution is reshaping the world and changing it radically. The whole world is shifting into a new era : the era of Mixed Reality "MR".
The main concept of MR is to integrate virtual elements in our real-world environment. It adds to the reality rather than replacing it.
MedAR is a multi-leveled project built by medical doctors for medical doctors. Our goal is to leverage the power and advancement in emerging modern technology, specifically mixed reality, to improve the medical system as a whole. We aim to achieve our vision by making medical doctors the center of our focus, while accompanying them from their education to their practice, passing by the tools they use.

What we do

MedAR in medical education and training

Toward a better educational system

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MedAR in Daily Medical Practice

simplifying medical doctors practice

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MedAR for Medical Tools

Taking healthcare marketing to a different level

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MedAR and patient education

Prioritizing patient satisfaction and wellbeing

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Department Director

Mariam El Khatib, MD

MedAR Project Manager

Medical doctor specialized in gastroenterology and hepatology