MedAR for Medical Tools

MedAR for Medical Tools

The healthcare system is always evolving and changing due to the rapid technological advancement, this evolution always leads to changes in the actual medical tools and in many cases creates new ones, and it’s always up to medical doctors to try and stay up to date. 

In MedAR we also aim to optimise medical doctors' adaptation to these new tools and changes. In order to achieve this vision we are planning to integrate our same core concept App in two different stages. 

First Stage : we will be working with healthcare and medical tools manufacturers to help them advertise and showcase their latest products (like medical instruments, new endoscopic techniques, new surgical devices, etc.) to their customers. MedAR will allow manufacturers to present their products in a cost-effective and interactive fashion without the need for heavy equipment or preparing real-life scenarios or mannequins. Such a digital augmented presentation can take place anytime anywhere and repeated as many times as needed without any additional costs, which benefits both the doctors and the manufacturers.

Second Stage : In cases where customers are convinced and want to buy and use these new tools in their workplace, MedAR will help them train the medical staff on how to fully use the product in an immersive and effective life-like scenario while avoiding costly and time-consuming traditional training methods. 

The two key advantages of our MedAR method over the traditional methods is, first, giving doctors all the benefits of a mixed reality training simulation, and second, the ability to repeat the simulation as many times as needed, with no additional costs, until becoming familiarised with the new tools and techniques.